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Achieving Your Investment Portfolio Objectives


You may have an interested in the undernoted if:


  • You are not generating a rate of return on your current investment portfolio that exceed an appropriate comparable benchmark.

  • You are experiencing significant volatility in the returns on your current investment portfolio.

  • You do not feel that your current investment portfolio is tailored to your investment objectives.

  • You feel that the fees that you are paying are not being earned based on the performance of your current investment manager.

  • You have more than $300,000 available to invest.


We have relationships with two investment managers that have been retained by principals of our firm and our clients to manage their investment portfolios. Click here for the rate of return that has been experienced on the investment portfolios since their inception.


Principals and clients of our firm all have balanced portfolios that include cash/Canadian government bonds, Canadian corporate bonds, Canadian large cap equities, US large cap equities and Canadian small cap equities.  The weighting will vary with the individual investor and objective that is based after establishing an appropriate Investment Policy Statement. Click here for the mix and potential rate of return of a balanced investment portfolio.

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Our experience is that investors are well served by having two investment managers for their portfolios for the following reasons:


  • To avoid over reliance on a single relationship or investment manager strategy.

  • To broaden the diversification of the investment portfolio.

  • To maintain healthy competition between investment managers thereby enhancing their level of service and performance.


Key criteria that we considered in selecting the two investment managers for the portfolios of clients of our firm include the following:


  • They are investment counsellors that have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of their clients.

  • They have a minimum performance record of 10 years.

  • They have generated rates of returns that consistently exceed comparable benchmarks.

  • They fully disclose their fees.

  • They provide thorough reporting of investment portfolios on a quarterly basis.

  • They utilize third-party custodians to hold investments (clients are the only party that can withdraw funds from their accounts).

Principals of our firm utilize both investment managers to manage over 95% of their investments thereby ensuring:


  • Alignment of our financial interests with those of our clients.

  • Significant experience and knowledge as to how best to utilize the two investment managers for the benefit of our clients.

  • Thorough and timely monitoring of the investment portfolios of our clients.


Clients should expect the following attributes from balanced portfolios managed by our firm’s investment managers:


  • All securities pay interest/dividends/trust distributions that would provide a yield approximating 3% on the overall portfolio which could be:

    • Reinvested into additional securities within the portfolio

    • Distributed to clients as generated on a quarterly basis

  • Investment in equities that anticipated to provide growth in:

    • Dividends

    • Share price appreciation/capital gains

  • Lower volatility in returns resulting from:

    • Allocation to cash & bonds which maintain their value during times of uncertainty and which can be reallocated into equities as buying opportunities present themselves

    • Allocation of a portion of equities in US dollars which investors gravitate towards during times of uncertainty

    • Investments in equities are in high quality companies that pay dividends which:

      • tend to maintain their value during times of uncertainty

      • increase in price sooner subsequent to times of uncertainly


If you could benefit from an introduction to the investment managers, the next steps to facilitate such an introduction and to enable you to undertake your due diligence are as follows:


  • You confirm to us your interest in an introduction to the investment managers

  • You complete your due diligence on the investment managers including:

    • Reviewing their websites

    • Reviewing their documentary collateral

    • Meeting their investment management team

  • You enter into the requisite agreements with the investment managers which can be discontinued/terminated at your discretion at any time.

  • You utilize the investment managers only if they are achieving your investment objectives.


Claude Conan, CA, CPA, CBV, MBA (Founder and President of Quantum Advisory Inc.) can be reached by telephone at 780.669.9724 or email at should you have any questions and/or should you desire an introduction to the investment managers.

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