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Transactions Between Shareholders


We are retained for valuations and related advice for purposes of transactions between shareholders in the following scenarios:

  • Negotiated Transactions - We are retained by either the purchasing shareholder or the selling shareholder.

  • Shotgun Transactions - Pursuant to a Unanimous Shareholders Agreement, we are retained by:

    • the offeror to establish the offer price to the offeree

    • the offeree to make a decision to:

      • sell the shares of the offeree at the price offered; or,

      • purchase the shares of the offeror at the same price.


We are retained by the acquiring shareholders to obtain the requisite financing to fund the proposed transactions between shareholders (Click here for further information on Financings).


Click here for a PDF Version of our firm's experience for purposes of Transactions Between Shareholders.


Contact us on a confidential no obligation basis to discuss your situation and how we may be able to assist you.


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