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Is now the time to Convert Short-Term Debt to Long-Term Debt?

Converting short-term floating rate debt into long-term fixed rate debt can improve the working capital of your business, which can be utilized to take advantage of opportunities or to grow your business with limited if any incremental interest.

Market Analysis

When to Maximize Secured Debt Financing?

Maximizing secured debt financing should be considered: to undertake a growth initiative when the shareholders of the business either do not have the financial capacity to further invest equity into the business; or, to undertake a transaction such as an acquisition or management buyout which may require the maximum borrowing capacity of the business to execute the transaction.

Credit Card

What is Subdebt Financing and when should you consider it?

Subdebt is high yielding debt that is subordinated to the senior secured debt of a business but ranks ahead of the shareholders’ equity.  Subdebt lenders rely upon the ability of a business to generate sufficient cash flows to service both the senior secured debt and their subdebt.

Industrial Building

Is now the time to consider a Real Estate Sale Leaseback transaction to support your liquidity & growth?

A real estate sale leaseback transaction could improve your working capital which could be utilized to take advantage of growth opportunities for your business.

Dollar Bills

Achieving your Foreign Exchange Objectives

Foreign exchange rates can have a material financial impact on a Canadian business that imports, exports and repatriates funds to Canada.  Foreign Exchange rates can fluctuate creating significant financial risk.

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