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Quantum Advisory is an Edmonton based financial advisory firm that provides valuation, transaction and financing services. 


Quantum Advisory is uniquely positioned to service you based on the following:


  • We Understand Your Situation - The founder of our firm has 30 years of full time experience. Our firm founded in 2005. Our breath of experiences enable us to understand your situation. (Click here for more on Our Role).


  • We Understand Your Industry - Having completed 575 engagements, we have a proven track records and the industry knowledge and experience to service your situation.  We understand the industry in which your business operates. (Click here for more on Our Experience by Industry).


  • We are a Full Service Firm - We have broad experience to service all of your needs relating to valuations, transactions and financings. (Click here for more on Our Experience by Service).  


  • We have a Seasoned Professional Team - We are led by Claude Conan (President and Founder) who is supported by a highly skilled group of individuals with diverse backgrounds of experiences and education qualifications. (Click here for more on the Quantum Advisory Team).


  • We undertake Proprietary Research - We place a high degree of importance on relevant proprietary research on the Alberta economy and information relating to multiples for transactions within Alberta. 


Being an independent boutique firm, we are able to provide our advice to clients without any conflicts of interest and our professional fees are typically lower than that available from other firms.


Click here for a PDF version of our Profile & Credentials which provides an overview of our firm and its experiences by industry and purposes.


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